1. In recent months, food prices have __________ due to
                       the increase in gasoline prices.                       
                       (A) soared
                       (B) grown
                       (C) boomed
                       (D) upsurge

                    2. At this week's meeting most problems with the
                       building plans were resolved, but there remain 
                       several __________ issues.                      
                       (A) unsecured
                       (B) outstanding
                       (C) upfront
                       (D) overdue

                    3. If your computer's __________ is full, you may need
                       to delete some files.                      
                       (A) hard drive
                       (B) floppy disk
                       (C) flash drive
                       (D) monitor
                    4. I'm not really hungry, but I'll eat __________.               
                       (A) a few
                       (B) few
                       (C) a little
                       (D) small

                    5. The Riverside Caf? is the __________ restaurant in town             
                       (A) more expensive
                       (B) expensivist
                       (C) not expensive
                       (D) most expensive 

                    6. I __________ that the answers given herein are true to
                       the best of my knowledge.                            
                       (A) certify
                       (B) authorize
                       (C) stipulate
                       (D) determine

                    7. These are the only powers __________ in Congress by
                       the Constitution.           
                       (A) vested
                       (B) entitled
                       (C) made eligible
                       (D) accorded 

                    8. We are ____________ our offices to 130 Main Street.          
                       (A) relocation
                       (B) relocating
                       (C) relocate
                       (D) relocated

                    9.  ___________ student in the class will graduate this year.     
                       (A) all
                       (B) each
                       (C) every
                       (D) some

                   10. Please fill out the __________ carefully.     
                       (A) commentary
                       (B) questions
                       (C) questioning
                       (D) questionnaire

                   11. Students 
                       (A) attend co-operative education 
                       (B) programs traditionally receive  
                       (C) more and better job offers 
                       (D) following graduation. 

                   12. B-school competition is 
                       (A) as harsh as ever; this year we 
                       (B) accepted only 20%
                       (C) until 25% of 
                       (D) the pool.

                   13. (A) Due to a recent economic downturn, 
                       (B) several thousand lay-offs are
                       (C) expecting over the next 
                       (D) few months

                   14. (A) Almost all investors lost something in the crash
                       (B) of 1929, and
                       (C) much lost all that 
                       (D) they had.
                   15. A full  
                       (A) transcription  
                       (B) of City Hall's meeting  
                       (C) about land development can 
                       (D) find it online                     

                   16-18 refer to the following e-mail.

                   To:      Mr. R. H. Jian, Greater China Staffing Solutions
                   From:	Mr. Peter Cummings, Hydra Logistics Pte
                   Date:	18 April 2002

                   Here is the following information you requested regarding our
                   staffing needs.

                   Company Profile
                   Hydra Logistics Pte is a Japanese shipping and distribution
                   company with a firmly established global network specializing in
                   the movement and representation of video equipment. 

                   Staffing Needs
                   We are currently in the process of opening an office in Qingdao,
                   P. R. China, and require educated local staff for management and
                   secretarial positions.

                   Special Requirements
                   In addition to speaking and reading fluent English and Chinese,
                   all office staff must be competent in Japanese and should expect
                   to work routinely with our head office in Japan. Also, an
                   American or European higher degree is required for all
                   managerial positions.

                   Details of Positions
                   Please see attached forms.

                   16. What does Mr. Jian do for Hydra Logistics?
                       (A) Manager of their Qingdao office
                       (B) Private recruitment agent
                       (C) Camera equipment manufacturer
                       (D) Marketing representative

                   17. Where is Hydra Logistics based?
                       (A) China
                       (B) America
                       (C) Japan
                       (D) Europe

                   18. What sort of business does Hydra Logistics do?                
                       (A) Manufacture optics technology
                       (B) Transport a wide range of products
                       (C) Run a chain of electronics stores
                       (D) Distribute video equipment           

                  19-20 refer to the following memo.


                  *    Mr. Cavendish called while you were at lunch to reschedule                       
                       this week's meeting. He asked if  Thursday at 2:00 would                      
                       be okay. Your schedule is free from 1:30 to 4:00. Please                      
                       confirm before the end of  the day and I will contact                       
                       Mr. C.'s office to schedule the meeting.
                  *    The files for the Robertson vs. Maloney case have arrived                     
                       from New York.
                  *    You have an appointment tomorrow at 9:00 with Mr.Baker                       
                       from Ralston Mills, Inc. 

                   19. Who probably took these notes?
                       (A) Kevin's assistant
                       (B) Kevin's answering machine
                       (C) Kevin's manager
                       (D) Kevin himself

                   20. What must Kevin do before leaving work?
                       (A) Call Mr. Cavendish
                       (B) Contact the New York office
                       (C) Reschedule a meeting
                       (D) Meet with Mr. Baker