1. The _______ of the damage is still not known in areas worst 
                      hit by last night’s earthquake               
                       (A) extra
                       (B) extract
                       (C) exert
                       (D) extent

                   2. The relentless pace of development in the hi-tech world
                      __________ that 2005 is going to be a very good year.                 
                       (A) suggesting
                       (B) to suggest
                       (C) suggests
                       (D) is suggested

                   3. The days when gap years were _______ to students are long gone.
                      More people than ever before are taking sabbaticals from work or 
                      traveling after retirement.
                       (A) resorted
                       (B) retain
                       (C) resign
                       (D) restricted
                   4. The project must be ready to enter the final _______ at the 
                      end of the month.   
                       (A) phase
                       (B) launching
                       (C) perspective
                       (D) embark

                   5. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese form of theater in which all
                      of the _______ are male.
                       (A) performing
                       (B) performances
                       (C) performed
                       (D) performers

                   6. Marine biologists are ________ new species of both plant and 
                      animal life on the seabed.
                       (A) constant discovering
                       (B) constantly discovering
                       (C) constantly discover
                       (D) constant discoveries

                   7. I think I am going to have to cancel my plane ticket
                      ____________. I don’t think I will be able to get the time off work.   
                       (A) reserve
                       (B) reserved
                       (C) reservation
                       (D) reservoir

                   8. That country began to a democratic system last year after 30
                      years under a dictatorship.        
                       (A) reinforce
                       (B) overthrow
                       (C) implement
                       (D) indicate

                   9. Some government officials are _______ by the people every two
                       (A) elective
                       (B) erected
                       (C) elevated
                       (D) elected

                  10. Do you have to first complete military service _______ taking
                      university entrance examinations?
                       (A) after you 
                       (B) whenever
                       (C) with you
                       (D) before

                   A medication is a drug or substance taken to _(11)_ symptoms or 
                   cure an illness or medical condition. Medications are generally 
                   divided _(12)_ two groups: over the counter (OTC) medications, 
                   which are available in pharmacies and supermarkets without special
                   restrictions, and prescription only, which must be prescribed by 
                   a physician. Most OTC medication is generally considered to be 
                   safe enough that most persons will not hurt themselves 
                   accidentally by taking _(13)_ as instructed. However, the precise
                   distinction between OTC and prescription _(14)_ on the legal 
                   Medications are typically produced by pharmaceutical companies.
                   Such drugs may be patented, whereby the company demonstrates it 
                   has created a novel compound and holds the sole rights to 
                   production or licensing of that compound for a _(15)_ period of
                   time (usually 20 years). Medications that are not patented are 
                   called generic drugs.
                   11. (A) redo
                       (B) reduce
                       (C) replay
                       (D) repeat 
                   12. (A) into
                       (B) within
                       (C) from
                       (D) on

                   13. (A) us
                       (B) him
                       (C) them
                       (D) it

                   14. (A) depend
                       (B) depends
                       (C) depending
                       (D) dependence                     
                   15. (A) longing
                       (B) prolonged
                       (C) lengthen 
                       (D) length

                  Phone: +886 2 2357 6935 (Tourism Bureau)
                  Open Hours: Afternoon to early morning daily.
                  Neighborhood: Shi-Lin District
                  Nearest MRT stations: Jian-Tan & Shi-Lin Stations
                  Category: Tourist Attractions & Sightseeing

                  This seemingly never-closing night market is just 
                  minutes away from the downtown area. The market is
                  not only Taipei's largest; it is also one of the
                  oldest. It springs to life in the evening hours with
                  carnival games and a great selection of shops selling
                  clothing, shoes, jewelry, tourist gifts, tools, pets 
                  and much more. Every corner offers new surprises! 
                  Although the scents may borderline on pungent at
                  times, the food here is tasty, with popular fare 
                  including tofu, Chinese sausage, and Portuguese egg tarts. 

                  16. Which of the following is true about Shi-Lin night market?
                       (A) It is near Jian-Tan and Shi-Lin MRT stations.
                       (B) It is closed on Saturdays
                       (C) It is Taipei’s smallest market.
                       (D) It is in the Da-An district.

                  17. Who should you call if you want more information?
                       (A) hospital
                       (B) Fire Department
                       (C) Tourism Bureau
                       (D) Chiang Kai Shek

                  18.Which of the following is not mentioned?
                       (A) The night market is one of Taipei’s oldest.
                       (B) You can buy pets there.
                       (C) The food is delicious.                             
                       (D) It’s too crowded on weekends

                  Hi Grandma,

                  Wow, it was great to see you last weekend. You are
                  so funny and nice. I wish you could stay at our house
                  all the time. I miss you already. Can you come back 
                  again soon? I hope so! Well, since you left, things
                  have gotten back to normal. Mom and I went swimming
                  yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Dad and George 
                  had a good time at the baseball game, too. George
                  wants me to thank you for his new baseball bat. He
                  got a double and a home run in the game, so he was
                  very happy. He thinks the baseball bat is the reason
                  he did so well. I laughed. It is a great bat, but 
                  George did the work! Anyway, like I said, he really 
                  wants to thank you. Oh, I almost forgot. Thanks for
                  the doll house you bought me. It is so beautiful. 
                  I love it. 
                  Well, I have to go. I have a lot of homework to do 
                  tonight. Take care of yourself and I hope to see you soon.

                   19. What did the grandmother give the boy?
                      (A) a pet bat
                      (B) a big gnat
                      (C) a baseball
                      (D) a baseball bat

                   20. What did the Grandmother do last weekend?
                       (A) She went to a baseball game.
                       (B) She played with a doll house.
                       (C) She visited her family.
                       (D) She visited Korea.