1. There aren¡¦t any seats left on the bus. ____ else will have 
                      to wait.                  
                       (A) Nobody
                       (B) Everyone
                       (C) Someone
                       (D) None

                   2. All books in the library are organized ____ title and author.                      
                       (A) in
                       (B) on
                       (C) for
                       (D) by

                   3. If you want to enter the museum, you ____ to buy a ticket.
                       (A) must
                       (B) has
                       (C) need
                       (D) don¡¦t
                   4. The students were very excited for Mrs. Smith to arrive 
                      because it was her birthday and they were ____ her a 
                       (A) having
                       (B) throwing
                       (C) attending
                       (D) inviting

                   5. Dogs can¡¦t climb trees, ____ they can run and swim very
                       (A) since
                       (B) and
                       (C) so
                       (D) but

                   6. No matter how long it _____to finish a quarterly report,
                      it must be done properly. 
                       (A) taking
                       (B) take
                       (C) takes
                       (D) has taken

                   7. Due to both the opening of new markets and major shifts
                      in workforce, it has become necessary ___the education,
                      training, and experience of employees in the workplace.           
                       (A) supplementing
                       (B) to supplement
                       (C) supplement 
                       (D) that supplements

                   8. The electricity went out ____ we were conducting a difficult
                       (A) so
                       (B) while
                       (C) since
                       (D) nevertheless

                   9. The words,¡¨“FRAGILE-handle with care¡¨,are ______on all sides
                      of the cases, which are individually numbered from 1 to 10.     
                       (A) stenciled 
                       (B) stenciling 
                       (C) steered 
                       (D) stressed

                  10. The advertising agent, after putting up with a low salary for
                      three years, tried to convince his boss that he was worth 
                      a ______. 
                       (A) rise
                       (B) raise 
                       (C) arouse 
                       (D) lift

                   Tina woke up early this morning. She wanted to go for a run in the
                   park with her dog, Frisky. She couldn¡¦t find Frisky, so 
                   she 11 her running shorts and her most comfortable T-shirt. She 
                   called for Frisky again, but the dog didn¡¦t come. Tina decided to 
                   have a quick breakfast 12 leaving. When she finished eating, she
                   called for her dog and once again, Frisky didn¡¦t come. She then 
                   decided to go running 13, since she couldn¡¦t find her dog. But 
                   when Tina went to put on her running shoes, they were nowhere to
                   be 14. She checked every room in the house and still couldn¡¦t 
                   find them. Tina thought she knew what was going on. She went into 
                   the barn behind the house, and there they were, her running shoes.
                   Frisky had 15 them into the barn and was chewing on them again.

                   11. (A) took off 
                       (B) put on  
                       (C) put away 
                       (D) took away

                   12. (A) before 
                       (B) during
                       (C) after
                       (D) then

                   13. (A) together 
                       (B) with her dog
                       (C) lone
                       (D) alone

                   14. (A) find
                       (B) founded
                       (C) fund 
                       (D) found
                   15. (A) take
                       (B) bring
                       (C) brought
                       (D) took

                  Water has always been a very important part of our daily lives.
                  We cook with it, we bathe with it, we wash our clothes with it,
                  we grow our gardens and farms with it, and we drink it. It 
                  used to be that you could drink water straight out of the 

                  Nowadays, though, we are told not to drink tap water. It 
                  contains too many chemicals and other dangerous substances.
                  This has led to the rise of bottled water. Although it is more
                  expensive, bottled water is a safe alternative to tap water 
                  because it is filtered in a factory or comes straight from a 
                  fresh water spring. There are a lot of different companies that
                  sell bottled water now. Water has become one of the biggest 
                  sellers in the beverage industry. It¡¦s a healthy and natural 
                  drink to have for any occasion.

                  16. Which of the following is not listed in the article as a
                      use for water?
                       (A) Doing laundry.
                       (B) Gardening.
                       (C) Drinking.
                       (D) Washing the car.

                   17. According to the article, why don¡¦t people drink water from
                      the faucet?
                       (A) Because bottled water tastes better.
                       (B) Because bottled water is cheaper.
                       (C) Because of what is in tap water.
                       (D) Because water is a healthy drink.

                  To: Al Harrisburg 
                  From: Sam Willing 
                  Date: September 19, 2007 
                  Subject: Vacation


                  Your application to take your annual leave from Oct 1- Oct 16 was
                  denied due to another worker from your department who has already
                  scheduled their vacation for those days. Only one employee from
                  each department may take their vacation at one time. This is to
                  ensure that department efficiency stays at a satisfactory level
                  during the employees¡¦ absence. You may apply to take your vacation
                  during a different time such as Oct 17-Oct 31. The earlier you 
                  apply for vacation, the better. Right now, there are also many 
                  days available in December during which you can go out. This 
                  policy will be changed effective starting on January 1. On the 
                  first of January all employees will have the option of trading
                  their holidays in for extra days of pay. One traded vacation day
                  will be worth 150% of an actual work day. If you make 100 a day,
                  then you will be receiving 150 for each vacation day that you 
                  trade back into the company. 

                  Sam Willing         

                   18. Why was the application for annual leave denied? 
                       (A) The worker didn¡¦t have enough annual leave  remaining.
                       (B) The worker had been suspended for drug abuse a few  days earlier.
                       (C) Someone else in the Mr. Harrisburg¡¦s  department had already 
                              applied for those days.
                       (D) He didn¡¦t have enough time with the  company to be eligible
                              for annual leave.

                   19. Why is the employee vacation policy as it is?
                      (A) It helps ensure that department efficiency stays the same.
                      (B) The policy enables all employees to get enough vacation time.
                      (C) It helps employees all get time off on the days that they want.
                      (D) It helps workers stay happier and more motivated to do their jobs.

                   20. What is the new policy effective January 1?
                       (A) Unused vacation days can be traded into  the company.
                       (B) Employees can¡¦t take vacations on the same days as each other.
                       (C) New employees will receive one day of vacation per year. 
                       (D) No workers will be able to take a vacation during March.